Friday, December 19, 2008


Generally, I protest doing these. Mostly because I get way to many of those emails that ask us to fill out the same questions time and time again. Those kind of drive me crazy. Oh well, I guess I was gonna give in eventually. So... I was tagged by my sister Allison. I think she would be a hit as a stand-up comedian. If you don't believe me, you should check out her blog.

Okay, so seven weird facts. Hmmm...

This is tough. Maybe I am just not that random or weird. Or maybe I am and I just haven't realized it yet. Hmmm....

1. I have a horrible habit of giving people too much information. Mostly in the category of toddler motherhood, which includes runny noses and dirty diapers, among other topics. This can be quite nauseating for listening parties. Of course, even when I avoid Hunteresque topics I still talk about snot-cicles and the like, so I guess I am not as limited in my choices of gross chatter as I'd like to believe. Every once in a while (take the other day, for example) someone reminds me of just how disgusting my choice of topic is. Mostly that someone will be someone without kids. I think having a kid has desensitized me to a lot of things regarding bodily functions. Dang, I thought I might be getting better.

2. I have crazy dreams. I suppose this is true of everyone, but I have always had some weird belief that other people have somewhat normal dreams. Tom Cruise makes random appearances. This greatly disturbs me. My dreams are also frequented by vampires. And werewolves. And no, it has NOTHING to do with Twilight, thank you very much. Once my whole family was vampires. That was fun. People I know also make appearances in my dreams in odd contexts. If you want to know if any of my dreams have included you, feel free to ask (See #1). Sometimes, I'll just tell you without you asking. Hopefully you won't mind (again, see #1).

3. I really really like kids. I think it is mostly because being around kids gives me a good excuse to act like one. Oh, and every time I see Cheaper by the Dozen I want to have twelve of them. Really. I'm not kidding.

This is a long list.

4. I really love hot chocolate. I think I could drink it every day. Even in the summer. Even in the Chicago summer. It's just that good. I have a hot cocoa maker. It was voted the most useless gift of the year when it came out. Ha! I find that hilarious. Someday I'll have a kitchen where I have room for my hot cocoa maker to be out year round. Oh, that'll be wonderful.

5. I tend to be fairly gullible. I believe pretty much everything anyone tells me. Until proven otherwise. This can be nice when people are telling the truth and quite horrible when people are lying. I believed in Santa Claus until I was in the 6th grade. Yeah, you read that right.

This is a really really long list.

6. On the flip side, I was quite the little liar as a child. Now, if there was a list for seven weird things about my childhood I could do that in no time at all. That would feel like a short list. I had someone tell me once that I should write a children's book series based on funny stories from my childhood. I think my sister and I could do that together. Then it would be that much funnier. I used to be able to convince school bus drivers to let me get on any bus I wanted, or get off at any stop I wanted without a note. Keep in mind, that this was when I was 5 and 6 years old (as in Kindergarten and 1st grade). I would then wander all over town. I think I must be responsible for at least half of my mother's gray hairs. If you want to know more details about those funny stories, or more funny stories in general from my younger years, just ask (again, see #1).

7. Finally, the last one. Hmmm... I have an obsession with making the bed. Everything else in my house could be clean, or a disaster, but if my bed's not made, my house is a disaster regardless. I feel there is some connection between the state of my bed and my overall state of laziness and/or wellbeing. Kind of like I believe getting a new haircut somehow defines or redefines me. By the way, I got a new one. Haircut, that is. Pictures to come.

Okay, so now I guess I get to torture seven more of you. Oh, what fun! I would tag my sister, but she tagged me. So, I tag: