Thursday, June 09, 2011

Pinching Pennies

Hunter is learning all about money.  Supposedly.  Well, we're working on it.  This is how it all started.  He got a responsibility chart that has all kinds of responsibilities for all ages.  This is us hanging it up in the bedroom:
 Yes, Hunter has his own drill that he is helping out with.  :-)  The chart currently has responsibilities on it like going potty, sharing, saying please and thank you, getting ready for bed, etc.  All very age appropriate for a preschooler.  And, we get to change them as he gets older.  I love it.  I'm more excited about it at this point than he is.  Although he does love the smiley faces he gets to put up for doing everything.  Here is the final product:
Those little circles underneath on the white board are his little smiley face magnets.  He loves them.  So, in celebration of this new reward system, I decided to provide actual rewards for the things that Hunter the form of quarters.  Of course, then I realized my great opportunity to actually teach him about money from his very first dollar.  Which led to a new project.  Piggy banks.  Yep.  Plural.  Four of them, to be exact.  They came plain, but I couldn't just leave them that way.  Besides, Hunter insisted that at least one of them wear shoes.  So, with some porcelain paint, a sharpie from an obliging neighbor, and a little boy with a bunch of ideas, we came up with these:
 Meet (from left clockwise) Bacon Beckham, Piggy Blackbeard, Penny Porkchop, and Pippin.

Why four pigs, you ask?  Well, I figured that he would need a little piggy bank for every type of little fund about which I was inclined to teach him.
Blackbeard is for savings (he be settin' aside some booty), Penny is for mission savings (indeed), Pippin is for tithing, and Beckham is Hunter's fun money piggy.  Am I overdoing it?  Perhaps.  Regardless, I had fun making these little guys anyway and Hunter LOVES them.  And he talks about them quite regularly as if they are his little friends.  I am glad that he is fond of them.  Maybe that means they will stick around for awhile.  Now on to being consistent with keeping track of Hunter's 'responsibilities' so the little tyke can have something to put inside of them.

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